Mosaic Academy COVID-19 News & Updates

Mosaic Academy COVID-19 Policy

Please bear in mind that our filter for all decisions that impact our students health and well-being is:

  • What is BEST PRACTICE for the safety of the students in our care?
  • What can we do to care for each other and our school community?

With these values in mind, we will implement various level of protocols as needed to safeguard our community of students:

MDO General Practice

  1. We will have parents drop students at the classroom door AND parents WILL NOT enter the classrooms at drop off or at pick up
  2. Daily sanitation practices by classroom teachers

UPPER SCHOOL General Practice

  1. Good sanitation practices in classrooms daily, and as needed
  2. Upper school students will eat lunch outside (weather permitting)

We have had such success in the past three years navigating the effects of the pandemic because you, our parents have been incredibly alert and cautious. Keep doing what you’ve been doing! If in doubt, stay home and test!

Here are a couple of sites that are helpful for staying up on the local situation as well as recent
guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC:

COVID-19 (Tarrent Country Health Guidelines):—prevention/COVID-19.html

Here are the current guidelines for the different levels of transmission from the American
Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC:

Use and Care of Masks | CDC:

We do not operate out of fear but out of the requirement that we care for the students you have
entrusted to us to the very best of our ability. We are so grateful your family is a part of Mosaic Academy! It is going to be a great year.

– Mrs. Bray l The Mosaic Academy School Board